Hasan Mee Goreng,Tengkera

I have been waiting today to go to Hasan mee goreng at Tengkera to have breakfast. I have seen the advertisement at a food advertisement magazine introducing this and my colleague (LML) told me the place always pack one her boyfriend likes to go there every weekend. So i said i must give it a try. Actually i don’t know exactly the place. I just know it is located at Jalan Tengkera roadside. After fetching hubby’s from Malim (he sent his car for repair), i drove him Tengkera. I drove slowly as i afraid i passby the stall without notice it. Then we noticed a lot of cars parking at the road side. Must be this place i guess. So i also parked my car at the roadside and we got down.

O_o really a lot of people. I looking for a seat and he went to queue up to take orders. We were surprised when we saw people queuing up. He almost said “go back” when he saw the long queue and no seat available. Luckily there was a group of people just went off. I quickly booked the table. Then he went to queue.

While waiting for him, then i noticed there are some men who taking orders table from table. Then this malay fella come to me and asked me for drinks. I ordered two teh tarik. Then hubby called me and saying the queue he was lining up is for order the fried egg, not the mee goreng. Then i quickly ordered from the “take order man“.

The “cuka” and soy sauce. I know what the soy sauce is for. But until now i still don’t know what the “cuka” is for. >_<”’

This is my drink, teh tarik, only RM0.60. *Thumbs up*. Good.

This is the fried egg as advertised, RM0.60. We saw every table also ordering this fried egg, so we also ordered. Actually the fried egg is supplement to the mee goreng and nasi lemak. The fried egg is nice. I really love it as it was not too cooked, about 85% cooked. The yellow part still melting, i love it. ^_^

This is thier signature, mee goreng (RM1.20). A very plain mee goreng with only beansprouts, sliced cucumber and sambal. Maybe i expect too much after seeing so many people and it is advertised. Its oily, maybe due to sambal‘s oil. But the sambal is….NOT salty, but TOO salty. Other than that, the mee goreng taste is still categorised at average.

The nasi lemak, RM1.20. Plain and traditional type, with kangkung, anchovies, cucumber and sambal. Again, the nasi lemak is ok, but the sambal is too salty.

I would come back again, not for the mee goreng, but for the fried egg and nasi lemak!


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